Face image on Mars spotted by NASA

The most distinguishable part of a body is the face of a person and usually it is the face of another person that makes us curious. Hence, perhaps we will automatically take notice when a 'face' popped up while surveying another planet surface.

mr bean funny face

The face image shown below was spotted by NASA's Mars Odyssey probe back in 2001. The person that spotted this 'face' left these curious questions:

"Do you see what I see? Is that a face staring out at me?"

The thermal imaging camera on board captured this photo:

funny face on mars

So far, NASA did not explain what caused the 'face' formation or any features of the planet’s surface managed to form the ‘face’. Only clue we have is the location on the red planet.

Orbit Number: 65345 Latitude: 34.4675 Longitude: 105.179




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By Adam Ng

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