EncryptPad - Easy file editor with encryption

There are times when I need to write down some secret stuff such as my AWS access key or passwords in plain text file. The encrypted files and the encryption program size must be able to store together in USB stick for me to carry around. So, is there any program that allows me to achieve this?

Yup, just found out about EncryptPad, it is a file editor that comes equipped with some strong and yet simple to use encryption/decryption algorithm. You can use EncryptPad to type out just like a normal file editor and store the information into an encrypted file.

EncryptPad in action - support emojis too

With EncryptPad, you can also encrypt existing file such as a binary file to scramble the data to prevent viewing by an unwanted person.

encrypt existing file

What I like most about EncryptPad is that it offers double protection, where in case I lost my USB stick with the password together, the encrypted file still cannot be opened without a key file by the unwanted person.

EncryptPad comes in executable binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Download a copy at http://evpo.net/encryptpad/downloads.aspx

Preview image credits: Nirzar Pangarkar

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By Wilson Lee

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