Check Out Gal Gadot’s Intense Workout For Wonder Woman

A recently released video shows just what Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot went through to become Wonder Woman.

The Israeli actress and model said her time in the military was easier.

It’s always daunting to play a superhero let alone a superheroine because let’s face it, there aren’t many around. But when Gadot got the role, she took it like a pro. Her laborious training regime includes two hours of choreography, two hours of horseback riding and two hours of weightlifting every single day for six months!

Gadot also mixes her workout with cardio, boxing, and martial arts to keep her body sculpted and svelte. And when she is not training for a role, she stays toned by doing paddle-boarding and TRX workout.

What a fine woman!

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By Jennifer Loh

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