Capture pristine resolution with Garmin VIRB 360 rugged 4K action camera

Whenever I heard the word Garmin, I would instantly associate it with the word GPS(Global Positioning System). However, Garmin also produces an array of products such as wearables and cameras.

Recently, Garmin announced the new VIRB 360 4K camera designed with a simple interface and a rugged body meant for usage in the harsh or outdoor environment. It is a 360-degree camera that is ideal for newcomers looking to capture pristine resolution footage.

garmin VIRB 360 4k camera

The camera is waterproof and has four built-in microphones to record sound from any direction. It also has 4K spherical stabilization feature to capture smooth and steady video footage when mounted on mountain bikes or head gears.

It also includes built-in GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi for quick and easy pairing. These will make it easy for users to transmit or live stream videos from the camera over the Internet.

top view of garmin VIRB 360 4k camera

All of these features are enclosed in the Garmin VIRB 360 ruggedized body, priced at $799.99 and you can purchase one of this at


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