Binded - Easy peasy copyrighting tool for content creators

Alright, you like to create digital content and upload them online. You are known as a content creator. People such as photographers, graphic designers and videographers.... but you don't like the idea that someone else takes credit for your work or worse monetize your work without your knowledge!

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So, how do you copyright your digital content and claim that you are the rightful owner of your own work?

Ladies and gentlemen, get to know - Binded. It is the world's first platform that enables content creators to easily copyright their work by simply uploading to an online vault where Binded will perform search and verification to ensure there are no similar copyrighted materials. Once everything is ok, the content creator will receive a digital copyright certificate verified by a network of distributed databases or better known as blockchain technology.

In the company press release, Binded claims that it wants to make it possible to link every creative tool to enable seamless copyright claims at the time of creation. How? Maybe by putting an app on your phone, digital camera or a plugin to Photoshop?

Technically, it should be possible to make the copyrighting phase as painless as possible since it deals with digital content.

The second phase is patrolling the web to search for copyright infringements. Should not be hard and can be done - maybe just by converting the DOM to image and scan for images for binary hashes with computer vision tool to find and match certain copyrighted content.

Enforcing the copyright claim? Errrm.... legal stuff is not my expertise. Can be time consuming and probably hard to enforce. Binded is planning to add ability to register copyrights with U.S Copyright Office.

Interesting start up and looking forward to seeing how they develop.

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