Google Maps URL parameters configuration

Google Maps have somehow becoming an integral part of many modern website that adhere to the SoLoMo (short for social-local-mobile) ways. However, getting the right configuration can be a changeling task. In short, I .....

  1. Was busy porting over some source codes from an existing job listing website into last week.

  2. However, during the testing phase .....found out that the old Google Maps URL parameters query no longer worked.

  3. Forturnately, after reading and re-read the latest Google Maps documentation. This new query parameters worked well (September 2014) :

  4.{name of the place you want to query}&ll={latitude},{longtitude}&t={map type}&z={zoom level}

    Map types :

    m – normal map
    k – satellite
    h – hybrid
    p – terrain

    For example :,101.7131504&t=h&z=19

  5. As for my own use, this URL{latitude},{longtitude}&t=k}&z=11 works just fine and dandy.

Give it a try and leave comments below if it doesn't work out well for you.

References :

By Adam Ng

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