Golang : Variadic function arguments sanity check example


Golang is cool and you love to use variadic function frequently. You have a variadic function such as a totalizer functions that accept any number of arguments. Such as

 func variadicFunction(arguments ...int) {}

Somehow a user of your program or variadic function managed to sneak in a null/nil or empty argument. This caused your variadic function to go crazy.

How to prevent this from happening?


You want to perform sanity check on your users and their input arguments first before processing further. For example :

 package main

 import "fmt"

 func totalizer(values ...int) {

  if values == nil {
 fmt.Println("boom! - no number in arguments")
 //panic("kaboom") -- if you choose to kill the program

  } else {

 fmt.Print(values, " ")
 total := 0
 for _, value := range values {
 total += value

 func main() {

  totalizer(1, 2, 3)



[2] 2

[1 2 3] 6

boom! - no values given in arguments

Happy coding and don't let your user bomb your program!

By Adam Ng

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