Golang : How to print rune, unicode, utf-8 and non-ASCII CJK(Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters?

Problem :

You want to print rune, unicode or CJK(Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters with Golang, but you are getting funny result. How to print rune properly?

Solution :

Use quoted verb in your Printf statement. From https://blog.golang.org/strings :

"The %q (quoted) verb will escape any non-printable byte sequences in a string so the output is unambiguous."

For example :

 package main

 import (

 func main() {
 sr := '\u212A'
 fmt.Println(sr) // wrong way to print!

 fmt.Printf("%+q\n", sr) // print back the unicode
 fmt.Printf("%q\n", sr)  // print K (Kelvin symbol)

 src := '你'
 fmt.Printf("%q\n", src)  // print character 你
 fmt.Printf("%+q\n", src) // print unicode codepoint


Output :






Reference :


By Adam Ng

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