Golang : How do I get the local IP (non-loopback) address ?

There are times we need to know the local machine IP address to send data packets to other services/server/clients and in this tutorial will show you how to get it done. The code below will find out the local machine IP non-loopback addresses.

 package main

 import (

 func main() {

 addrs, err := net.InterfaceAddrs()

 if err != nil {

 for _, address := range addrs {

 // check the address type and if it is not a loopback the display it
 if ipnet, ok := address.(*net.IPNet); ok && !ipnet.IP.IsLoopback() {
 if ipnet.IP.To4() != nil {



You might be interested to read how to get client IP address tutorial as well.

By Adam Ng

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