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Golang : Fix go.exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running

golang windows-installer 32-bit 64-bit not-compatible

Problem: You just installed the default binary download of Golang for Windows and when you attempt to execute go.exe binary….... read more

Use systeminfo to find out installed Windows Hotfix(s) or updates

windows systeminfo find grep

Helping out a friend to troubleshoot his virtual Windows servers. One machine is for production use, running a Java application….... read more

Findstr command the Grep equivalent for Windows

windows findstr grep

It has been a while since I use a computer with Windows Operating System. However, I have no choice today….... read more

Clean up Visual Studio For Mac installation failed disk full problem

visual-studio-mac xamarin disk-full installer microsoft

While trying to install Visual Studio for Mac yesterday, the installer decided to fail halfway during the download and install….... read more

Mac/Linux/Windows : Get CPU information from command line

linux windows mac-os-x cpu-information wmic sysctl

Writing these down here for future references, will be handy with comes to identifying a machine's CPU information during system….... read more

Golang : Fix fmt.Scanf() on Windows will scan input twice problem

golang fmt-scanf-bug windows scan-input-twice

If you ever need to write a program that use Golang's fmt.Scanf() function on Windows operating system and test the….... read more

Golang : Display list of time zones with GMT

golang time time-zones windows linux darwin...

For this tutorial, we will learn how to grab the list of time zones found in Unix/Darwin(Mac)/Linux/Windows and display the….... read more