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Use systeminfo to find out installed Windows Hotfix(s) or updates

windows systeminfo find grep

Helping out a friend to troubleshoot his virtual Windows servers. One machine is for production use, running a Java application….... read more

Findstr command the Grep equivalent for Windows

windows findstr grep

It has been a while since I use a computer with Windows Operating System. However, I have no choice today….... read more

Golang : Convert IPv4 address to decimal number(base 10) or integer

golang ip-address decimal-base-10 integer

Problem :

IP address in decimal is easier to search, filter or compare. For example, searching for IP address in….... read more

Golang : Convert decimal number(integer) to IPv4 address

golang ip-address decimal-base-10 bitwise-or

Problem :

You've read the previous tutorial on how to convert IPv4 address to decimal number and store….... read more

Golang : Fix fmt.Scanf() on Windows will scan input twice problem

golang fmt-scanf-bug windows scan-input-twice

If you ever need to write a program that use Golang's fmt.Scanf() function on Windows operating system and test the….... read more

Golang : Display list of time zones with GMT

golang time time-zones windows linux darwin...

For this tutorial, we will learn how to grab the list of time zones found in Unix/Darwin(Mac)/Linux/Windows and display the….... read more

Mac/Linux/Windows : Get CPU information from command line

linux windows mac-os-x cpu-information wmic sysctl

Writing these down here for future references, will be handy with comes to identifying a machine's CPU information during system….... read more

Golang : Fix go.exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running

golang windows-installer 32-bit 64-bit not-compatible

Problem: You just installed the default binary download of Golang for Windows and when you attempt to execute go.exe binary….... read more