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FREE Virtual Private Networks Providers

vpn virtual-private-network encryption security

Internet used to be a trusted domain until cyber criminals/authorities catch up with technology. Nowadays, it is easy to sniff….... read more

Golang : When to use public and private identifier(variable) and how to make the identifier public or private?

golang public exported-identifier private function-declaration

Got a Golang related question by my friend today, who is learning Golang for the first time. Her question is….... read more

Golang : Find network of an IP address

golang net network ip-address

We will learn how to use Golang's net package to find out the network behind an IP address. It is….... read more

Golang : Dealing with struct's private part

golang public private type struct methods

One of the most common things in Golang that easily confuse a newbie is how to declare variable/constant/identifier name properly.….... read more

Golang : Load ASN1 encoded DSA public key PEM file example

golang DSA private-key public-key pem-block

In this tutorial, we will learn how to get the DSA public key from a ASN1 encoded PEM file generated….... read more

Golang : How to detect a server/machine network interface capabilities?

golang network-interface multicast point-to-point broadcast loopback

Problem :

You want to know which network interfaces on a server that support Broadcast, Loopback, PointToPoint or Multicast networking….... read more

Golang : Get the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for a specific network interface

golang network-interface IPv4 IPv6 security-reason


You need to find the IP address of a specific network interface on your machine for developing your application.….... read more

Golang : Find network service name from given port and protocol

golang network-services udptcp getservbyport getservbyname

In this tutorial, we will learn how to discover the list of available network services on a machine. This method….... read more