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Upload multiple files with Go

upload-multiple golang

Uploading multiple files to Go server can be done easily as well. All you need to do is to parse the multiform data and loop….... read more

Golang : Return multiple values from function

golang return-multiple-values function

One of the features that I like about Golang is the ability to return multiple values from a function (Python….... read more

Golang : Write multiple lines or divide string into multiple lines

golang multiple-lines divide-string

Problem :

You have a long string and you need to divide the string into multiple lines. How to do….... read more

Golang : How to verify uploaded file is image or allowed file types

golang image detect-types upload

Problem :

How do I verify if an uploaded file to my server is ... let say I only allow….... read more

Golang : Build and compile multiple source files

golang bin compile-multiple-files workspaces

One of the many challenges for new comers to Golang is to learn how to use go install command to….... read more

Golang : Upload file from web browser to server

golang upload

Recently, I came across a question on Go programming language Facebook group on how to upload file with http://golang.org/* In this tutorial, we will use….... read more

Golang : Normalize email to prevent multiple signups example

golang normalize-email govalidator multiple-signups

If your application allows the public to sign up, chances are your application will attract the "unkind" types and they….... read more

Golang : GMail API create and send draft with simple upload attachment example

golang gmail-api simple-upload-attachment draft-email rfc-2822

Continuing from our previous example of how to send an email with attachment using Gmail API. We will….... read more