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Golang : Qt update UI elements with core.QCoreApplication_ProcessEvents

golang Qt progress-dialog-bar qt-core-process-events update-elements

Not a tutorial, but putting this here in case I need to refer back in future. While developing a .... read more

Golang : How to shuffle elements in array or slice?

golang shuffle array slice elements

Problem :

You have an array or slice with elements in natural order and you want to shuffle the elements.

.... read more

Golang : Squaring elements in array

golang square elements array

Problem :

You need to calculate the square values of the elements in an array or slice.

Solution :

.... read more

Golang : Update database with GORM example

golang gorm mysql mariadb update

A simple tutorial on how to use GORM(Golang Object Relational Map) to connect to a MySQL/MariaDB database and UPDATE data.

.... read more

Linux : sudo yum updates not working

linux yum update defunct

Try to do a sudo yum updates command this morning on one of my DigitalOcean droplets today and encounter weird….... read more

Golang : Shuffle strings array

golang shuffle array slice elements strings

Okay, the previous tutorial on how to shuffle elements inside an array does not work with strings array.….... read more

Golang : All update packages with go get command

golang go-get update packages

Problem :

Some of the third party packages that your Golang application use have now been superseded by better version.….... read more

Golang : How to transmit update file to client by HTTP request example

golang transmit-file http-request download file-size update-server

Alright, got a friend here that wants a simple Golang http server that will handle updates to his software. Basically,….... read more