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Golang : Go as a script or running go with shebang/hashbang style

golang linux unix shebang hashbang shell-script

One of the job scope of Unix/Linux system administrator is to write shell scripts to accomplish certain task. However, there….... read more

Golang : Intercept and process UNIX signals example

golang unix-signal os-signal kill

Golang's os/signal package allows you to configure the behaviour of your Golang program upon receiving certain type of UNIX signals.….... read more

Unix/Linux : secure copying between servers with SCP command examples

unix-linux scp secure-copy remote-server

Have to write this down in case I forget again and hope you may find these SCP examples useful too.

.... read more

Golang : How to get Unix file descriptor for console and file

golang unix-file-descriptor terminal console

A short tutorial showing you how to obtain the Unix file descriptor for terminal/console and file in Golang with the….... read more

Unix/Linux : How to pipe/save output of a command to file?

linux unix save-output pipe-output-command

Problem :

You need to capture/pipe or save the output of a command execution in Unix/Linux to a file. How….... read more

Unix/Linux : How to get own IP address ?

unix linux ifconfig hostname ip-address

I know I know... this should be a fairly simple task.. but my memory is that good anymore.

Just….... read more

Linux/Unix/PHP : Restart PHP-FPM

linux php-fpm php5-fpm unix defunct pkill

Problem :

One of my server ran out of memory because of defunct php-fpm process. Need to restart php-fpm (FastCGI….... read more

Unix/Linux : Use netstat to find out IP addresses served by your website server

linux unix ip-address foreign-ip-address netstat

Problem :

You want to know if the real-time connection information served by Google Analytics is accurate and you need….... read more