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Golang : Generate QR codes for Google Authenticator App and fix "Cannot interpret QR code" error

golang qr-codes generate png google-authenticator two-factor-authentication

This is a supplement tutorial for the previous tutorial on how to generate QR codes with Golang and….... read more

Golang : Get login name from environment and prompt for password

golang password os-get-environment two-factor script-authentication


You want to write a Golang script(short program for administrating server, etc) that grab the current user's login name,….... read more

Golang : Verify token from Google Authenticator App

golang qr-codes verify google-authenticator two-factor-authentication

One of the steps to implement 2FA(two-factor authentication) is to verify the token generated by app such as Google Authenticator….... read more

Golang : How to implement two-factor authentication?

golang qr-codes authy generate google-authenticator two-factor-authentication

Nowadays, having a password no longer protects your account or website been hacked. This is because password is a "something….... read more

Too many passwords to remember. Time to get password managers!

password-managers two-factor-auth

Writing down these couple of password managers for my own future reference and for anyone looking to manage their many….... read more

Golang : Basic authentication with .htpasswd file

golang authentication htpasswd

If you are looking to protect a web page with Basic Authentication. It can be done easily with Golang. In….... read more

Golang : Verify Linux user password again before executing a program example

golang password authentication pamexec

One of my previous tutorial shows you how to restrict a program execution to root only and this can….... read more

Golang : How to login and logout with JWT example

golangbcrypt-password-authentication session loginlogout

I am now in the process of building a web application to help myself in managing my tenants in a….... read more