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Golang : Overwrite previous output with count down timer

golang overwrite time-ticker

Just a note for myself on how to create a count down timer and how to overwrite previous output. Very….... read more

Golang : Close channel after ticker stopped example

golang close-channel new-ticker timer

This is an example on how to close channel after the time.NewTicker() function - ticker stopped. i.e close the channel….... read more

Golang : Command line ticker to show work in progress

golangoverwrite-same-line ticker work-in-progress


Your command line application is crunching data and you want your program to show the user that it is….... read more

Golang : Calculate time different

golang time-different

Problem :

You are looking to calculate the days between two dates. How to do that in Golang?

Solution :

.... read more

Golang : Date and Time formatting

golang date time timestamp

Our civilizations won't progress till this stage without proper understanding, parsing and organising our lives base on date and time.….... read more

Golang : Convert seconds to minutes and remainder seconds

golang seconds minutes time


You have an input seconds in integer that you want to convert into minutes and remainder seconds. How to….... read more

Golang : calculate elapsed run time

golang elapsed-run-time

Calculating elapsed time can be useful for profiling or bench marking purpose. In this short tutorial, we will learn how….... read more

Golang : Get current time

golang get-current-time

Problem : Need to get current time stamp in Go and display in string. Solution : Use the time.Local() and time.Format() functions. getcurrenttime.go package main….... read more