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Golang : How to check if a string contains another sub-string?

golang strings contains

Problem :

How to check if a string contains another sub-string in Golang?

Solution :

Use the strings.Contains() function.

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Golang : How to join strings?

golang join combine strings

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Golang : Check if a string contains multiple sub-strings in []string?

golang strings contains filter sub-strings

Problem :

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Golang : Strings comparison

golang strings comparison equalfold

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Find and replace a character in a string in Go

golang replace strings

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Golang : Find the shortest line of text example

golang shortest-line strings-split

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Golang : Transform comma separated string to slice example

golang comma-separated strings slice

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Golang : Remove characters from string example

golang strip-charactersindex-rune strings map


You have a string and you want to remove certain characters from the string base on a set of….... read more