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Startup Idea : Avoid long queue by pre-ordering concert memorabilia

startup-idea concert-memorabilia app

Probably not the best startup idea, but it does ease some pain point here for those who like to go….... read more

Internship at startup - pros and cons

startup internship job career-advice

My niece is just about to graduate and she asks me for career advice for software development industry. What she….... read more

Human serves Machine versus Machine serves Human business model

human-machine business-model startup

Oh, so you have an interesting idea for your startup and you want me to invest in your startup? So,….... read more

Proper question to ask yourself - How successful you want your startup to be?

startup google microsoft moon success-question

Foremost, I'm not some motivation guru or a self-appointed mentor to any startups. However, I reckon that asking the proper….... read more

Startup Idea : App for taking notes on money borrowed from or lent to friends

startup-idea money-lending-app fintech blockchain

Have you ever go for group lunch and someone in the group ends up as the person paying on behalf….... read more

Startup Idea : Online property management system

startup-idea property paperless-billing tenants-owners

High rise building such as apartments, condominiums or any multi-tenant properties such as shopping malls usually have building management teams….... read more

Startup idea : Use 3D game technology to diagnose optical deficiencies

startup-idea 3d-game-technology optical-eye-deficiencies

According to several recent studies, between 6 and 12% of the world population are stereoblind. What exactly is stereo blindness?….... read more

Try IKEA furniture at your home with augmented reality app before buying

augmented-reality apple ikea-shopping technology startup-idea

One of the things that I feared the most when moving to a new place is ending up buying the….... read more