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Golang : Natural string sorting example

golang natural-sort alpha-numeric-sort chemical-elements


You want to sort a couple of strings with numbers in natural order so that the list looks nice….... read more

Golang : Selection sort example

golang selection sort random-slice

The selection sort algorithm is an in-place comparison sort. What it does is that it loops a given slice and….... read more

Golang : Fix - does not implement sort.Interface (missing Len method)

golangsort missing-len-method


You are trying to use the sort.Sort() or sort.Reverse() functions on type []string data but encounter this error message:

.... read more

Golang : Heap sort example

golang heap-sort sorting recursive

Heapsort algorithm divides the unsorted data into a sorted and an unsorted region, and it iteratively shrinks the unsorted region….... read more

Golang : What fmt.Println() can do and println() cannot do

golang println fmt sortbootstrapresult

A lot of rookies got confused on why their program is not working as intended when using println() function. New….... read more

Golang : Reverse IP address for reverse DNS lookup example

golang ip-address reverse-dns-lookup sort


You need to reverse a given IPv4 address into a DNS reverse record form to perform reverse….... read more

Golang : Sort lines of text example

golang sort-lines unstructed-data slice

Here is an example of how to convert lines of text into a slice in Golang, sort them in descending….... read more

Golang : Sort words with first uppercase letter

golang sort-words uppercase map replace-element-in-slice tag


You use the sort.Strings() function to sort a slice of words. However, you noticed that words with the first….... read more