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Guide to identify the types of software developers

software-developer-types guide

"Software is eating the world" - The news is that every day more and more people are becoming software developers….... read more

Explore Firefox developer tools

firefox developer-tools mozilla

Being a “developers friendly” browsers. Firefox aims to provide as many tools as possible to make life healthier for developers….... read more

Golang : Find out mime type from bytes in buffer

golang image detect-types buffer

Problem :

You are building an application that need to detect the MIME type of an object. Such as an….... read more

Golang : How to verify uploaded file is image or allowed file types

golang image detect-types upload

Problem :

How do I verify if an uploaded file to my server is ... let say I only allow….... read more

Three types of difficulties in life.

children-education kids types-of-difficulties

Note to myself on how to prepare my kids and myself for the future.

In life, basically there are three….... read more

Detect if Google Analytics and Developer Media are loaded properly or not

javascript ghostery disconnect google-analytics developer-media

This is for my own future reference. I need a way to check if Digital Media and Google Analytics JavaScript….... read more

How to spot fake software developers

fake-programmers software-developers passion IT-people

Yes, software is eating the world and software developers are in demand. Startups and established tech companies are fighting over….... read more

Golang : Lock executable to a specific machine with unique hash of the machine

golang unique-machine-hash lock-executable software-license md5


Got a friend that was looking for ways to lock her Golang executable to a specific machine at her….... read more