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Don't trade without guiding instruments and bot

crypto trading-bot artificial-intelligence scanner-bot

Piloting a plane is dangerous business. Today, flying has become safer because of advancement in technology. Pilots are able to….... read more

Golang : How to tokenize source code with text/scanner package?

golang tokenizer scanner EOF

It has been a while since I touch the topic on tokenizer.....err... since the day I actually built a compiler….... read more

Golang : Break string into a slice of characters example

golang slice convert-stringTokenString scanner


You want to convert a string into a slice/array of individual characters. It is similar to breaking….... read more

Golang : A simple forex opportunities scanner

rsigolangoandaforex fx scanner

Below is a simple program that will scan for trading opportunities. Basically what this program does is to calculate a….... read more

Golang : Get a list of crosses(instruments) available to trade from Oanda account


Below is a simple program to get a list of available crosses for trading from Oanda.com. My original purpose of….... read more

Golang : How to setup a disk space used monitoring service with Telegram bot

golang disk-space disk-used-percentage telegram-alertbot

Ok, writing this simple example for a friend. She wants to create a simple Telegram notification/alert for her company's system….... read more

Golang : Oanda bot with Telegram and RSI example


Putting this down for my own reference in case I need it again in future. Basically, the code below is….... read more

Golang : Read large file with bufio.Scanner cause token too long error

golang token-too-long bufio-scanner bufio-reader

There are couple of ways to read files with Golang and one of the common way to read in file….... read more