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Golang : Save webcamera frames to video file

golang go-openCV web-camera save-video

This tutorial will show you how to save image frames captured by a web camera and store the images into….... read more

Golang : Merge video(OpenCV) and audio(PortAudio) into a mp4 file

golang video-audio mp4 opencv-portaudio ffmpeg

The previous Golang tutorials cover on how to capture image frames from a web camera with OpenCV and….... read more

Unix/Linux : How to pipe/save output of a command to file?

linux unix save-output pipe-output-command

Problem :

You need to capture/pipe or save the output of a command execution in Unix/Linux to a file. How….... read more

Facebook : How to place save to Facebook button on your website

save-to-facebook uri fb-app

Just a quick tutorial on how to place the save to Facebook button on a web page. Instead of bookmarking….... read more

Golang : Save map/struct to JSON or XML file

golang XML json save-to-file

Previous tutorial on converting map/slice/array to JSON or XML format is for output to web via net/http package.….... read more

Golang : Saving(serializing) and reading file with GOB

golang save-file gob serializing-objects

Golang has a package ( GOB ) that allows developers to store memory values( such as int[], float64[] or any….... read more

Golang : Record voice(audio) from microphone to .WAV file

golang record-microphone portaudio go-wave audio video


You need to activate your microphone, record your voice and save the data into a .wav file from command….... read more

Golang : How to extract video or image files from html source code

golang extract-video-image html regular-expression regexp

There are times when I need to download a certain video that I watched using browser and I need to….... read more