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Golang : Configure Apache and NGINX to access your Go service example

golang-service apache2 nginx reverse-proxy virtual-host

Recently I developed two services that allows translation of Bahasa Malaysia in Roman alphabets to Jawi(calligraphy form) and .... read more

Golang : Sort and reverse sort a slice of integers

golang sort reverse-sort slice

Problem :

How to sort and reverse sort a slice of integers ?

Solution :

Use sort.Ints and sort.Sort functions.….... read more

Golang : How to reverse elements order in map ?

golang reverse-order element map

There is no built in function in Golang that allow you to reverse the elements order in a map, but….... read more

Golang : Reverse by word

golang reverse by-word

This tutorial will show you how to reverse the order of words in a string. Reversing the words or elements….... read more

Golang : Identifying Golang HTTP client request

golang IoT proxy security http-request botnet


You've read about the Mirai DDoS malware that infects IoT devices and turning them into a massive….... read more

Useful methods to access blocked websites

access-blocked-website vpn proxy tor public-dns

In this tutorial, we will explore couple of methods that you can use to access blocked websites. There are many….... read more

Golang : How to reverse slice or array elements order

golang reverse element order slicearray

In this short tutorial, we will learn how to reverse the elements order inside a slice or array. Taking the….... read more

Golang : Time slice or date sort and reverse sort example

golang sort-time time-slice reverse-sort

Sorting time.Time type and dates is pretty straight forward in Golang. Just curious why it is not included in the….... read more