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Java : Random alphabets, alpha-numeric or numbers only string generator

java random string alphanumeric

A simple Java function to generate random string based on given parameter - alpha, alphanum and numeric. Depending on the….... read more

Golang : Random Rune generator

golang random rune string

Just a quick tutorial on how to generate random runes and add on to previous tutorial on how….... read more

Javascript : Generate random key with specific length

javascript random-string

Was looking for a way to generate random string with Javascript today and also wanted to limit the random string….... read more

Golang : Generate random string

golang random string

In this tutorial, we will learn how to generate random string in Golang. Random strings can be used in many applications, such as generating random….... read more

Java : Human readable password generator

java human-readable password random-string

Below is a Java version of my previous tutorial on how to generate human readable password. Basically, what this Java….... read more

Golang : Generate human readable password

golang human-readable password random-string

Got a friend who works in the banking sector and she needs to password generator that will generate a password….... read more

Golang : Generate random Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other runes

golang runes chinese-japanese-korean CJK random-string utf8

Alright, got a rare request here from a friend on how to generate a string of random Chinese, Japanese and….... read more

Generate Random number with math/rand in Go


Random number is useful in many application. One such example is salting password to make in more secure. In this tutorial, we will learn how….... read more