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Python : Create Whois client or function example

python whois

Adding this Python tutorial as a supplement for my previous tutorial on how to implement Golang whois client.….... read more

Python : Delay with time.sleep() function example

python delay time sleep

It has been a while since I look at Python code. Need to read up a legacy code left by….... read more

Python : Print unicode escape characters and string

python unicode utf8-string

Couple of examples on how to print unicode string in Python. Nothing fancy, but it helps to explore the ways….... read more

Python : Convert(cast) bytes to string example

python string bytes

Problem :

You want to convert or type cast bytes variable to type string variables in Python. How to do….... read more

Python : Convert(cast) string to bytes example

python string bytes

Problem :

You have couple of string variables in Python and you want to convert or type cast the string….... read more

Python : Convert IPv6 address to decimal and back to IPv6

python IPv6 decimal

Problem :

Need to convert IPv6 address to decimal number and convert back to IPv6. How to do that?

Solution….... read more

Python : Find out the variable type and determine the type with simple test

python variable-type type-function

Couple of ways to determine or find out the type of a variable or object in Python. Listing down the….... read more

Golang : Repeat a character by multiple of x factor

golang python strings-repeat multiply-letters

In Python, it is pretty easy to repeat some characters inside a string. All you need to do is to….... read more