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Useful methods to access blocked websites

access-blocked-website vpn proxy tor public-dns

In this tutorial, we will explore couple of methods that you can use to access blocked websites. There are many….... read more

Golang : Get SPF and DMARC from email headers to fight spam

golang email dns-domain lookup dmarc spf


You are building an email server with spam filter from scratch with Golang and you want to query a….... read more

Golang : Load DSA public key from file example

golang DSA public-key pem-block

Continue from previous tutorial on generating DSA private and public key. For this tutorial, we will learn how….... read more

Golang : Reverse IP address for reverse DNS lookup example

golang ip-address reverse-dns-lookup sort


You need to reverse a given IPv4 address into a DNS reverse record form to perform reverse….... read more

Golang : When to use public and private identifier(variable) and how to make the identifier public or private?

golang public exported-identifier private function-declaration

Got a Golang related question by my friend today, who is learning Golang for the first time. Her question is….... read more

Golang : Dealing with struct's private part

golang public private type struct methods

One of the most common things in Golang that easily confuse a newbie is how to declare variable/constant/identifier name properly.….... read more

Golang : Load ASN1 encoded DSA public key PEM file example

golang DSA private-key public-key pem-block

In this tutorial, we will learn how to get the DSA public key from a ASN1 encoded PEM file generated….... read more

Golang : Generate DSA private, public key and PEM files example

golang DSA private-key public-key pem-block

For this tutorial, we will build on the previous tutorial on how to save private and public key….... read more