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Golang : Get own process identifier

golang getpid process-identifier

There are times when developer needs to know the own process identifier(PID) of the executing program during runtime. This is….... read more

Golang : How to run Golang application such as web server in the background or as daemon?

golang nohup daemon background-process

Problem :

You have completed your Golang program and want to run it as a background process or daemon. For….... read more

Mac OSX : Get a process/daemon status information

macosx service daemon process launchctl

Problem :

You need to get status information about a process or daemon running on Mac OS X environment to….... read more

Golang : Daemonizing a simple web server process example

golang daemon background process pid syscall


You use the previous tutorial on how to put your Golang program into background but somehow found….... read more

Golang : Get executable name behind process ID example

golang os process-id executable-name syscall


You want to check if a process is actually running and at the same time you want to find….... read more

Golang : Capture stdout of a child process and act according to the result

golang stdout child-process shell exec

Let say you want to execute a shell command of a child process in your main program and want to….... read more

Golang : Qt progress dialog example

golang Qt progress-dialog-bar qt-core-process-events

Found a need to show progress indication while developing a Qt application recently. Below is a simple example of how….... read more

Golang : Get hardware information such as disk, memory and CPU usage

golang cpu-usage cross-platform system-process-status operating-system

For this tutorial, we will learn how to extract hardware level information with Golang. Accessing hardware level information such as….... read more