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How to test Facebook App on localhost ?

php facebook-connect

Usually, in the past when I setup Facebook application for my websites. The new Facebook App Connect API has no problem allowing me to run….... read more

PHP : Convert string to timestamp or datestamp before storing to database(MariaDB/MySQL)

php date timestamp strtotime

Problem :

Need to convert a date string in PHP before storing the date into database(MariaDB/MySQL). The field in table….... read more

PHP : Shuffle to display different content or advertisement

php advertisement shuffle

Problem :

Your website serves advertisement and you are looking for ways to display different images or content each time….... read more

How to let Facebook Login button redirect to a particular URL ?

php facebook-login

Facebook login is a popular way for web developer these days to capture user data and at the same time….... read more

Fix "Failed to start php5-fpm.service: Unit php5-fpm.service is masked."

php fpm service-is-masked


Encounter this error message :

Failed to start php5-fpm.service: Unit php5-fpm.service is masked.

after upgrading Ubuntu with do-release-upgrade.... read more

PHP : Convert CSV to JSON with YQL example

php yql yahoo-finance jsoncsv

Just a note for myself for future reference. Putting this down here...maybe you may find it useful too.

This tutorial….... read more

PHP : Get client IP address

php ip-address client x-forwarded-for

Knowing who is accessing your web server can be useful for tracking a user's activity. In this tutorial, we will….... read more

Elastic Search : Return all records (higher than default 10)

php elastic-search elastic-search-default-size

Problem :

You only get 10 results from elastic search query and you suspected that there should be more results….... read more