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CodeIgniter/PHP : Create directory if does not exist example

codeigniter php is-dir mkdir create-directory

Problem :

How to check if a directory exist or not? If not, how to create a directory?


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PHP : Convert(cast) int to double/float

convert casting int float double php

Problem :

You have an integer value and you need to convert it ot double or float value in PHP

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PHP : Extract part of a string starting from the middle

php extract substr strpos strlen string

Extracting part of the string is a fairly common task in programming and sometimes it can be a bit challenging….... read more

PHP : Proper way to get UTF-8 character or string length

php mb-strlen utf8 string-length

Problem :

Was trying to get a length of an unicode(UTF-8) character with PHP. Trouble is, PHP echoes back 3,….... read more

Linux/Unix/PHP : Restart PHP-FPM

linux php-fpm php5-fpm unix defunct pkill

Problem :

One of my server ran out of memory because of defunct php-fpm process. Need to restart php-fpm (FastCGI….... read more

PHP : Fix Call to undefined function curl_init() error

php curl undefined yum apt-get init-error


Some PHP libraries or packages depend on your server having curl program installed. Missing curl or the PHP to….... read more

CodeIgniter/PHP : Remove empty lines above RSS or ATOM xml tag

php codeigniter xml-tag empty-lines rss atom


Your friend is complaining that your website RSS feed is busted and validating with https://validator.w3.org gives this….... read more