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Golang : Convert an image file to []byte

golang image convert byte

This is a quick tutorial on how to convert an image file to byte array. This question was originally posted….... read more

Golang : Generate thumbnails from images

golang image thumbnails

After learning how to resize images and crop images with Golang. We will learn how to….... read more

Golang : Resize Image

golang image resize

Somehow...just feel like writing a tutorial on how to resize image with Golang today while writing out references for Golang's….... read more

Golang : Convert []byte to image

golang image convert byte

There are times when you need to convert []byte to image for saving into file purpose. I encountered one of….... read more

Golang : Grayscale Image

golang grayscale image

Another feature that I like about this Disintegration Imaging package is the ability to generate grayscaled image. The….... read more

Golang : Convert PNG transparent background image to JPG or JPEG image

golang png image jpeg jpg

For this tutorial, we will learn how to convert PNG image file to JPEG image file. Because JPEG format does….... read more

Golang : Set image canvas or background to transparent

golang png image-transparentdraw alpha

Putting this down here for my own future reference. Maybe useful to you too. Anyway, basically what I need is….... read more

Golang : Find out mime type from bytes in buffer

golang image detect-types buffer

Problem :

You are building an application that need to detect the MIME type of an object. Such as an….... read more