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Golang : Changing a RGBA image number of channels with OpenCV

golang bgr number-of-rgba-channels opencv-cvtcolor create-image


Golang image packages deal with RGBA ( 4 channels ) and OpenCV deals with BGR ( 3 channels ).….... read more

Golang : Fix opencv.LoadHaarClassifierCascade The node does not represent a user object error

golang opencv loadhaarclassifiercascade does-not-represent-a-user-object


You're trying load a Haarcascade file with opencv.LoadHaarClassifierCascade() function in Golang, but you get this error message instead :

.... read more

Golang : GUI with Qt and OpenCV to capture image from camera

golang Qt openCV camera GUI IoT...

After the tutorial on how to display image with Qt and Golang. I need to build a Graphical….... read more

Golang : Activate web camera and broadcast out base64 encoded images

golang go-openCV web-camera streaming-images base64

For this tutorial, we will learn how to activate web camera with Golang + OpenCV and stream out base64 encoded….... read more

Ideas for computer vision start-up

technology computer-vision startup-idea barcode opencv classifier

So, you are interested in pursuing "deep tech" and want to know some mundane problems out there that you want….... read more

Golang : Put UTF8 text on OpenCV video capture image frame

golang openCV put-text-utf8 chinese-russian-japanese-korean true-type-font-ttf

The HERSHEY font use by OpenCV does not support UTF-8 characters. If you use my previous tutorial on how to….... read more