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Keep the children busy and train the A.I behind Google Autodraw simultenously

artificial-intelligence machine-learning google-autodraw sketching-for-children

Anyway, my son likes to "disturb" me while I'm working and he is getting bored of his Lego toy. I….... read more

Human serves Machine versus Machine serves Human business model

human-machine business-model startup

Oh, so you have an interesting idea for your startup and you want me to invest in your startup? So,….... read more

Startup Idea : Order hawker food and collect from vending machine

startup-idea vending-machine street-hawker-food food-ordering-app

Hate queuing just to get your lunch? Why not order your lunch via an app and collect it at a….... read more

Vending machine selling Instagram and Vkontakte followers in Russia

vending-machine instagram vkontakte innovative-business-model

Buying social media likes and followers is nothing new. For some people craving for attention, there are plenty of online….... read more

Golang : Lock executable to a specific machine with unique hash of the machine

golang unique-machine-hash lock-executable software-license md5


Got a friend that was looking for ways to lock her Golang executable to a specific machine at her….... read more

Golang : Find change in a combination of coins example

golang coins vending-machine quarters dimes nickels...

If you are planning to build a vending machine, self-service cashier machine or any machines that deal with money. Chances….... read more

Vending machine exclusive coffee soda by Coca-Cola

coffee-plus-soda coca-cola vending-machine coding-food

When I am coding and need to my replenish energy level, I would usually reach out to a can or….... read more