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Unix/Linux : How to open tar.gz file ?

linux tar

It has been a while since I touched tar files( have been using Mac for long time) and couple of days back I need to….... read more

Mac OSX : Find large files by size

unix linux macosx filesize

Mac OS X prompted me about my startup disk running out of disk space. I need a quick way to….... read more

Unix/Linux : Get reboot history or check when was the last reboot date

unix linux reboot

Probably not some command that many people will look for unless you are a system administrator. Ok, so I need….... read more

Linux : sudo yum updates not working

linux yum update defunct

Try to do a sudo yum updates command this morning on one of my DigitalOcean droplets today and encounter weird….... read more

Unix/Linux/MacOSx : Get local IP address

unix linux macosx ip-address

Problem :

How to find out my MacOSX/ Linux / UNIX system ip address, subnet and related networking information from….... read more

Golang : Configure crontab to poll every two minutes 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday

golang crontab polling linux unix

Was very busy lately working on a new project for a client. One of the key requirements in the project….... read more

Linux : How to install driver for 600Mbps Dual Band Wifi USB Adapter

linux-mint wifi-usb-driver

Bought this 600Mbps Dual Band 2.4G / 5G Hz Wireless Lan USB PC WiFi Adapter 802.11AC from Lazada and….... read more

Linux : Disable and enable IPv4 forwarding

linux ip-address ip-forwarding

A quick note on how to disable or enable IP (version 4) forwarding in Linux. IP forwarding is a routing….... read more