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Golang : JQuery AJAX post data to server and send data back to client example

golang jquery ajax javascript

Just want to write this tutorial for fun.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use JQuery's AJAX to….... read more

JavaScript/JQuery : Redirect page examples

javascript jquery redirect referrer-indexof

Notes for future references on how to redirect pages with JavaScript or JQuery. Sometimes, the simplest task is the hardest….... read more

Golang : Take screen shot of browser with JQuery example

golang screen-capture html2canvas jquery

In this tutorial, we will learn how to do a screen capture of a client(browser) and send the capture screen….... read more

JQuery : Calling a function inside Jquery(document) block

javascript jquery global-function window

Problem :

Saw this error message in the browser's console while attempting to call a function inside JQuery(document) section resulted….... read more

Which content-type(MIME type) to use for JSON data

javascript jquery header content-type mime-type

Problem :

Your program sitting in your web server is pumping out JSON data. You need to set the correct….... read more

Golang & Javascript : How to save cropped image to file on server

golang jquery javascript crop-image todataurlchi

While building my web application to manage my tenants and rental properties, I need a solution to capture the cropped….... read more

JavaScript/JQuery : Detect or intercept enter key pressed example

javascript jquery detect-enter-key-pressed

Problem :

You created a text input box and want detect(or rather intercept) if the user pressed the enter button.….... read more

Javascript : How to loop over and parse JSON data?

javascript jquery loop-over parse-json

This note is a short tutorial on how to loop over and parse JSON data with JQuery's each() function and….... read more