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Interview with Rima Ibrahim Alghanim (ريما ابراهيم), a Software Engineering Student at Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia

rima-ibrahim javascript diversity

This is the first post for my new series of interviews with developers hailing from different parts of the world.….... read more

JavaScript/JQuery : Redirect page examples

javascript jquery redirect referrer-indexof

Notes for future references on how to redirect pages with JavaScript or JQuery. Sometimes, the simplest task is the hardest….... read more

JavaScript: Add marker function on Google Map

javascript add-marker google-map

Problem :

You want to create add marker Javascript function to put markers on Google Map canvas. How to do….... read more

Javascript : Push notifications to browser with Push.js

javascript push-notification browser RSS


Instead of RSS, you want to send notifications to your visitor's computer through their browser about the latest updates….... read more

Chrome : ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE and allow Chrome browser to load insecure content

chrome insecure-content javascript-console

There are times when you try to access some web pages such as pages with SSL/https/secured/encrypted pages but with some….... read more

Javascript : Empty an array example

javascript empty-array pop-array

Problem :

You have an array in JavaScript and you need to empty it. How to do that?

For instance….... read more

JQuery : Calling a function inside Jquery(document) block

javascript jquery global-function window

Problem :

Saw this error message in the browser's console while attempting to call a function inside JQuery(document) section resulted….... read more

Javascript : Detect when console is activated and do something about it

javascript console-activation chrome-dev-console firebug


You do not want your website visitors to see what is behind the curtain of your website. You want….... read more