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Golang : Get local IP and MAC address

golang mac-address network-hardware ip-address

This is a short program on how to get the local IP address, search for the correct network interface hardware….... read more

Golang : Get IP addresses of a domain name

golang lookupip ip-address domain

This small program demonstrate how to Golang's net.LookupIP() function to get the IP addresses from a given domain….... read more

Golang : Reverse IP address for reverse DNS lookup example

golang ip-address reverse-dns-lookup sort


You need to reverse a given IPv4 address into a DNS reverse record form to perform reverse….... read more

Golang : Convert IPv4 address to decimal number(base 10) or integer

golang ip-address decimal-base-10 integer

Problem :

IP address in decimal is easier to search, filter or compare. For example, searching for IP address in….... read more

Golang : How to convert(cast) string to IP address?

golang parse-ip ip-address convert cast

Problem :

You have IP address in string type and you want to convert(cast) the string into type IP address.

.... read more

Unix/Linux : Use netstat to find out IP addresses served by your website server

linux unix ip-address foreign-ip-address netstat

Problem :

You want to know if the real-time connection information served by Google Analytics is accurate and you need….... read more

Golang : Check if IP address is version 4 or 6

golang ip-address ipv4 ipv6

Problem :

Your Golang program needs to determine if a given IP address is version 4 or 6.

Solution….... read more

Unix/Linux/MacOSx : Get local IP address

unix linux macosx ip-address

Problem :

How to find out my MacOSX/ Linux / UNIX system ip address, subnet and related networking information from….... read more