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Golang : Validate IP address

golang validate ip-address regular-expression regexp compile

Problem :

You need to validate if a given IP address string is a valid IP address.

Solution :

Use….... read more

Golang : Convert IPv4 address to packed 32-bit binary format

golang ip-address packed-32-bits-binary big-endian

There are times when we need to deal with low-level network functions such as dealing with C program and the….... read more

Golang : Set up source IP address before making HTTP request

golang change-IP-address download wget custom-HTTP-transport

Problem :

There are times that you want to use certain IP address in a machine ( such as the….... read more

Golang : Get UDP client IP address and differentiate clients by port number

golang udp udp-client-address port-number

Problem :

Your UDP server program needs to find out the UDP client IP address before writing to client. However,….... read more

Golang : How to get username from email address

golang stringsextract-username email-address

Just need a simple solution to extract the username from a given email address. The code below uses strings.Split() function….... read more

Golang : Convert IP version 6 address to integer or decimal number

golang ip-version-6 integer decimal-number

Problem :

You have IP address version 6 in string format and you want to convert it into integer. How….... read more

Mac/Linux and Golang : Fix bind: address already in use error

linux mac-os-x golang bind-address-in-use pid lsof...

Not really a tutorial. However, it is good to put this here as a guide for junior software developers.

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