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Golang : Accept input from user with fmt.Scanf skipped white spaces and how to fix it

golang accept-input scanf whitespace bufio-readstring

Problem :

Your program accepts user input from console(terminal). It was working fine if the user input is in one….... read more

Golang : How to read integer value from standard input ?

golang read-integer standard-input

Reading integer value from standard input in Golang is fairly simple with fmt.Scanf function. The code below demonstrate how to….... read more

Golang : Text file editor (accept input from screen and save to file)

golang input-from-screen file

The images of me learning WordStar as kid somehow appeared in my dream yesterday. So, today I'm going to write….... read more

Android Studio : AlertDialog and EditText to get user string input example

android-studio alert-dialog get-user-input-edittext textview prompt-for-input java

This is a supplementary tutorial for the previous tutorial on how to get user attention with AlertDialog. In….... read more

Golang : How to check if your program is running in a terminal

golang terminal gogland os accept-input


Your command line application accepts inputs from a terminal only or you just want to test if the application….... read more

Golang : How to check if input from os.Args is integer?

golang strconv parseint verify-input os-args

While coding out the Ackermann codes, I need to check if the input parameters are in numeric and….... read more

Android Studio : Password input and reveal password example

android-studio get-user-password-input-edittext reveal-password java

A password input field is common for an application that requires the user to log in. Such as login to….... read more

Golang : Spell checking with ispell example

golang spell-checking ispell trim os-cmd-input

Chinese New Year for 2017 celebration just over and now it is time to get back to work. Here is….... read more