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PHP : Fix Call to undefined function curl_init() error

php curl undefined yum apt-get init-error


Some PHP libraries or packages depend on your server having curl program installed. Missing curl or the PHP to….... read more

Golang : Defer function inside init()

golang defer init

Putting this short note down for those intending to use defer function inside init(). IF you put a defer function….... read more

Golang : Exit, terminating or aborting a program

golang exit abort error

There are times where a controlled termination of a program is required rather than proceeding ahead. This is a quick….... read more

Golang : Populate or initialize struct with values example

golang struct init populate-struct

A quick and short example on how to populate or initialize a struct with values. Pretty straight forward, but it….... read more

Golang : Error handling methods

golang error exception

Couple of days ago I attended a Golang meetup for the first time nearby where I live. There are developers….... read more

Golang : Smarter Error Handling with strings.Contains()

golang error-handling

In this tutorial, we will learn some simple trick with strings.Contain() function on capturing the error message and handling it according to the error message.….... read more

Golang : When to use init() function?

golang init main environment-variables states

When to use init() function? If you read this official documentation at effective go init, it can be….... read more

Golang : How To Use Panic and Recover

golang errorpanic recover

In this tutorial we will understand how panic function works and how to "interrupt and recover" from the panic. First, let's examine Panic function package….... read more