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Golang : Get S3 or CloudFront object or file information

golang s3 cloudfront etag header-informationmetadata

Here is a simple example on how to get the S3, CloudFront object (in fact, any file accessible from URL)….... read more

Golang : Get expvar(export variables) to work with multiplexer

golang expvar debug-information multiplexer

Golang has the expvar package that allows your web application to display debugging information during run time. Basically,….... read more

Golang : How to Set or Add Header http.ResponseWriter?

golang header set add http-response-writer

Problem :

How to set or add header to http.ResponseWriter?

Solution :

The solution is similar to previous .... read more

Golang : Print how to use flag for your application example

golang flag-nflag prompt-usage-information

Just a short tutorial on how to usage flag package to check for the number of flag arguments require by….... read more

Golang : How to parse plain email text and process email header?

golang email header read-message

Problem :

Your program receive email in plain text and you need to parse email header information. How to that….... read more

Golang : How to get HTTP request header information?

golang json http-request-header user-agent

Alright, as a webmaster sometimes we want to know about our visitors and then alert us if there is any….... read more

Golang : Post data with url.Values{}

golang url-values post-data add-header

Just a short example on how to use url.Values{}. This code fragment is taken from previous tutorial on….... read more

Which content-type(MIME type) to use for JSON data

javascript jquery header content-type mime-type

Problem :

Your program sitting in your web server is pumping out JSON data. You need to set the correct….... read more