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Golang : Google Drive API upload and rename example

golang google-drive-api multipart-upload google-sdk

For this tutorial, we will explore how to upload file to Google Drive using RESTful method and rename the file….... read more

Interview with Janet Kuo(郭), a Software Engineer at Google

janet-kuo golang google diversity

For my next post of "Humans Of Programming World" series of interviews, I will now invoke the GOTO….... read more

Alternatives reporting tools to Google Analytics

google-analytics reporting-tool analysis

Managing a website without visitors tracking solution such as Google Analytics is kinda like groping in the dark to find….... read more

JavaScript: Add marker function on Google Map

javascript add-marker google-map

Problem :

You want to create add marker Javascript function to put markers on Google Map canvas. How to do….... read more

ARCore : Augmented Reality SDK for Android

android-sdk augmented-reality startup-idea google java

After Apple announcement of ARKit for iOS developers, Google recently released the ARCore SDK for Android developers. As the name….... read more

Keep the children busy and train the A.I behind Google Autodraw simultenously

artificial-intelligence machine-learning google-autodraw sketching-for-children

Anyway, my son likes to "disturb" me while I'm working and he is getting bored of his Lego toy. I….... read more

Google : Block or disable caching of your website content

cache google search-engines robots-txt

Problem :

You don't want Google or other search engines to cache your page content for reason such as -….... read more

Faster A.I with Microsoft's Brainwave

artificial-intelligence brainwave microsoft google technology

Alright, after Google announced the TPU(Tensor Processing Unit) to accelerates artificial intelligence systems (by accelerating neural network computations behind the….... read more