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Reduce image file size with these compressors to optimize website speed

google pagespeed-insights optimize-images image-optim

Optimizing web site for fastest loading is crucial for web user experience and also one of the important signals that….... read more

Google Maps alternatives

google-maps maps-api developers-api

Found these three mapping services that are developers friendly while helping out a friend who is looking for Google Maps….... read more

ARCore : Augmented Reality SDK for Android

android-sdk augmented-reality startup-idea google java

After Apple announcement of ARKit for iOS developers, Google recently released the ARCore SDK for Android developers. As the name….... read more

Keep the children busy and train the A.I behind Google Autodraw simultenously

artificial-intelligence machine-learning google-autodraw sketching-for-children

Anyway, my son likes to "disturb" me while I'm working and he is getting bored of his Lego toy. I….... read more

Google : Block or disable caching of your website content

cache google search-engines robots-txt

Problem :

You don't want Google or other search engines to cache your page content for reason such as -….... read more

Faster A.I with Microsoft's Brainwave

artificial-intelligence brainwave microsoft google technology

Alright, after Google announced the TPU(Tensor Processing Unit) to accelerates artificial intelligence systems (by accelerating neural network computations behind the….... read more

Proper question to ask yourself - How successful you want your startup to be?

startup google microsoft moon success-question

Foremost, I'm not some motivation guru or a self-appointed mentor to any startups. However, I reckon that asking the proper….... read more

Algorithm to remove stock photos watermarks

watermark stock-photos google copyright protect-your-work

Alright, you want to include some images from your search result into your blog post or use the images in….... read more