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Golang : Configure Apache and NGINX to access your Go service example

golang-service apache2 nginx reverse-proxy virtual-host

Recently I developed two services that allows translation of Bahasa Malaysia in Roman alphabets to Jawi(calligraphy form) and .... read more

Fix "Failed to start php5-fpm.service: Unit php5-fpm.service is masked."

php fpm service-is-masked


Encounter this error message :

Failed to start php5-fpm.service: Unit php5-fpm.service is masked.

after upgrading Ubuntu with do-release-upgrade.... read more

Mac OSX : Get a process/daemon status information

macosx service daemon process launchctl

Problem :

You need to get status information about a process or daemon running on Mac OS X environment to….... read more

Startup Idea : A training system for Software As A Service

startup-idea software-as-a-service saas training-system

Right, you and your team worked like crazy to build a web application that revolutionizes how an employee utilizes his/her….... read more

Golang Hello World Example


This tutorial is dedicated to a young(11 years old by the time of writing) and upcoming programmer learning Golang in….... read more

Golang : Ackermann function example

golang ackermann

Not really a tutorial, but just want to play with recursive function and toying with Ackermann function. Hope this example….... read more

Golang : Get constant name from value

golang constant

Problem :

How to find out the constant name associated with a value? For example, if the a constant value….... read more

Golang : Fix cannot download, $GOPATH not set error

golang gopath

For anyone exploring Golang and trying to get new packages from ... let say Github. One of the most common….... read more