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Golang : Configure Apache and NGINX to access your Go service example

golang-service apache2 nginx reverse-proxy virtual-host

Recently I developed two services that allows translation of Bahasa Malaysia in Roman alphabets to Jawi(calligraphy form) and .... read more

Fix "Failed to start php5-fpm.service: Unit php5-fpm.service is masked."

php fpm service-is-masked


Encounter this error message :

Failed to start php5-fpm.service: Unit php5-fpm.service is masked.

after upgrading Ubuntu with do-release-upgrade.... read more

Mac OSX : Get a process/daemon status information

macosx service daemon process launchctl

Problem :

You need to get status information about a process or daemon running on Mac OS X environment to….... read more

Startup Idea : A training system for Software As A Service

startup-idea software-as-a-service saas training-system

Right, you and your team worked like crazy to build a web application that revolutionizes how an employee utilizes his/her….... read more

Golang : Get command line arguments.


This tutorial is dedicated to a young(11 years old by the time of writing) and upcoming programmer learning Golang in Malaysia. Happy learning and may….... read more

Golang : Get environment variable


Sometimes we need to get the environment variables for performing next task in our program. It is straight forward to do this in Go. For….... read more

Golang : Create File


Any sane programming language should have the basic File I/O functions. Luckily Go is one programming language in the sane category. We will show you….... read more

Golang : Ackermann function example

golang ackermann

Not really a tutorial, but just want to play with recursive function and toying with Ackermann function. Hope this example….... read more