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Golang : Put UTF8 text on OpenCV video capture image frame

golang openCV put-text-utf8 chinese-russian-japanese-korean true-type-font-ttf

The HERSHEY font use by OpenCV does not support UTF-8 characters. If you use my previous tutorial on how to….... read more

Golang : Use TLS version 1.2 and enforce server security configuration over client

golang version-tls12 prefer-server-cipher-suites min-version max-version


You want to force your Golang program to use TLS(Transport Layer Security) protocol version 1.2 only and use server….... read more

Golang : Reset or rewind io.Reader or io.Writer

golang io-reader io-writer seek panic-runtime-error invalid-memory nil-pointer-dereference

Problem :

You have read file with io.Reader till EOF. Or you want to rewrite a file with io.Writer again.….... read more

Golang : Frobnicate or tweaking a string example

golang hex embed-include-data executable-binary-file secret-text-string utf8

A simple example of how to frobnicate(tweaking) a string with UTF-8 characters. Useful in obscuring plain text in embedded….... read more

Golang : Set horizontal, vertical scroll bars policies and disable interaction on Qt image

golang qt image-viewer horizontal-vertical-scroll-bar-policy interacting-image

In the previous tutorial on how to create an image viewer with Qt example, a .... read more

Mac/Linux and Golang : Fix bind: address already in use error

linux mac-os-x golang bind-address-in-use pid lsof...

Not really a tutorial. However, it is good to put this here as a guide for junior software developers.

.... read more