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Golang : Compound interest over time example

golang compound-interest formula read-float read-integer

It is time for me to do something "lighter" now.... such as investing rather than heavy duty programming ..... so….... read more

Awesome idea! Help the planet while you search the web

technology green-web-services search-engine ecosia trees

How often you think your activities on the web can be beneficial for the planet? Honestly, I don't.

I….... read more

Faster A.I with Microsoft's Brainwave

artificial-intelligence brainwave microsoft google technology

Alright, after Google announced the TPU(Tensor Processing Unit) to accelerates artificial intelligence systems (by accelerating neural network computations behind the….... read more

Generate electricity with vibrations

technology electricity-by-vibration piezo-effect dancing

Let's not waste all those free electricity generated by vibrations, such as dancing or walking. Why not kill three birds….... read more

Torch light made from single sheet of paper

technology design nendo torch-light paper

Occasionally, I have to work after the sun sets and there are times I have to walk back home through….... read more

We will call each other with our ring bone

technology cell-phone orii-smart-ring

So we have self-driving mobile market that comes to you and driverless cars becoming reality. What is else is….... read more

Moby Mart - self driving 24 x 7 super market

technology moby-mart supermarket artificial-intelligence

While many tech startups are looking to create a driverless car, one Swedish startup took a couple of steps further….... read more

Turn any object into a TV remote control with computer vision

opencv computer-vision motion-sensorclassifier technology

No more excuses for not being able to turn on the TV because the dog ate the remote control!

Matchpoint….... read more