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Golang : Find files by name - cross platform example

golang filepath-walk glob find-filecross-platform


You want to find or locate files by name or by wildcard in your Golang program to do stuff….... read more

Golang : Find file size(disk usage) with filepath.Walk

golang filepath-walk file size disk-usage find

Need to determine which file is taking up all the disk space? Maybe this small Golang program can be useful….... read more

Use systeminfo to find out installed Windows Hotfix(s) or updates

windows systeminfo find grep

Helping out a friend to troubleshoot his virtual Windows servers. One machine is for production use, running a Java application….... read more

Golang : Find and draw contours with OpenCV example

golang openCV draw-contours find-contours trackbar

Ability to detect shapes is often the most important steps in allowing a computer to make decision...such as deciding if….... read more

Golang : Individual and total number of words counter example

golang word-counter strip-delimiter find-total-words


You need to count the unique instances of words and the total number of words in a given string.….... read more

Golang : Get file last modified date and time

golang file

In this tutorial, we will learn how to get a file last modified date and time with Go. Getting the last modified date and time….... read more

Golang : get the current working directory of a running program

golang executable file-path

Problem :

You are looking for way to get the folder/directory of the running program.

Solution :

Use https://bitbucket.org/kardianos/osext.... read more

Golang : Check to see if *File is a file or directory

golang file directory

Sometimes, we need to write codes that is robust and flexible enough to handle different situation. For example, if a….... read more