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Golang : Use wildcard patterns with filepath.Glob() example

golang wildcard filepath-glob pattern

Searching for files by extension can be done easily in Golang with filepath.Ext() function. To search for files….... read more

Golang : Find files by name - cross platform example

golang filepath-walk glob find-filecross-platform


You want to find or locate files by name or by wildcard in your Golang program to do stuff….... read more

Golang : File path independent of Operating System

golang filepath

There are times a program need to determine the operating system it is running on and construct a proper file path for file I/O. Go….... read more

Golang : Search folders for file recursively with wildcard support

golang search-recursively wildcard filepath

Ok, here is an example on how to search for a file starting from a target directory and recursively search….... read more

Get file path of temporary file in Go

golang temp-file filepath

There are time when we need to know the exact file path of a temporary file. This is a a short tutorial on how to….... read more

Golang : Match strings by wildcard patterns with filepath.Match() function

golang wildcard filepath-match pattern


You want to match strings using the same wildcard patterns commonly used in Linux/Unix shells such as *.go or….... read more

Golang : File system scanning

golang filepath-walk scan size

Problem :

How to scan all the files located inside a root directory in Golang?

Solution :

Use the filepath.Walk.... read more

Golang : Find duplicate files with filepath.Walk

golang duplicate sha512 filepath-walk

Sometimes we downloaded a lot of files in a directory and although the files have different names, they could be….... read more