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Golang : Covert map/slice/array to JSON or XML format

golang json xml http-response field-tags

Problem :

You have a data struct in map, slice or array format and you have to convert the data….... read more

Golang : Struct field tags and what is their purpose?

golang struct-field-tags meta-data json xml datastore

Got a curious question asked by a colleague today on what's the purpose on field tags inside a struct. For….... read more

Golang : How to get struct field and value by name

golang struct-field

In Go, there are times when we need to find out the value of a field in a given structure….... read more

Golang : How to get struct tag and use field name to retrieve data?

golangstruct-field struct-tag field-by-name

Problem :

A structure data field can have additional information or meta-data. This information is known as struct tag in….... read more

Golang : Meaning of omitempty in struct's field tag

golang omitempty struct field-tag

Another quick note for myself and maybe useful for you as well. This is about the meaning of the word….... read more

Golang : Extract XML attribute data with attr field tag example

golang xml attributes attr field-tag

This is an additional tutorial for previous tutorial on how to add XML attribute in Golang with struct….... read more

Golang : Executing and evaluating nested loop in html template

golang html-template nested-loops range cant-evaluate-field

Alright, just a minor problem and putting the solution here on how to fix this problem for future reference. Basically,….... read more