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Golang : GMail API create and send draft with simple upload attachment example

golang gmail-api simple-upload-attachment draft-email rfc-2822

Continuing from our previous example of how to send an email with attachment using Gmail API. We will….... read more

Golang : Send email with attachment

golang smtp email-attachment

In my previous tutorial on Go's send email and configure SMTP example, I left out a part where….... read more

Golang : Validate email address

golang email validate

Problem :

You need a quick way to validate if a user has entered a valid email address without knowing….... read more

Golang : Send email and SMTP configuration example

golang smtp email

Golang has a SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) package that allows developers to send out email in quick and….... read more

Golang : Validate email address with regular expression

golang email validate regexp

This short tutorial is add on to my previous tutorial on how to validate email address with Golang.….... read more

PHP : Send HTML email

php html email

Sending email with PHP is easy and in this tutorial, we will learn how to send HTML based email with….... read more

Golang : dial tcp: too many colons in address

golang email smtp colon

Encounter this error message Golang : dial tcp: too many colons in address ssl://smtp.googlemail.com:465 while working on the transaction email….... read more

Golang : How to parse plain email text and process email header?

golang email header read-message

Problem :

Your program receive email in plain text and you need to parse email header information. How to that….... read more